2014 Mark Webb Bike Check

Mark Webb is finally back on the bike and has a brand new setup. We caught up with him at the Prevail Skatehouse Monday Mayhem jam to check out what he is now riding. You’ll be surprised.

Frame: Total BMX Voltron V2
Forks: Total BMX GS Forks
Bars: Total BMX GS Bars

Stem: Total BMX Front Loader
Headset: Total BMX
Grips: ODI O
Brake Lever: Odyssey Mono
Brake: Mankind
Gyro: Vocal Shoot Da B’s
Cables: Vocal
Cranks: Primo Hollowbites
Pedals: Colony
Sprocket: Total BMX Rock N’ Roll
Front Wheel: Vocal Hub, Vocal Rim, Ti Spokes
Front Tyre: KHE Mark Webb Signature Tyre
Rear Wheel: Cult Freecoaster, Vocal Rim, Ti Spokes
Rear Tyre: KHE Mark Webb Signature Tyre
Pegs: Total BMX Skinnys

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