Watch – Red Bull Uncontained | BMX Park

The world’s best BMX Park riders take on the most challenging custom park ever built. Descending on Nijmegen, Nederlands this weekend is a selection of 16 world-class riders, chosen by team captains Drew Bezanson and Daniel Wedemeijer. They have invited 7 riders to be part of their team to battle against each other based on Execution, Variety, Use, of Course, Style and Guts.


Drew Bezanson (C) Irek Rizaev, Jason Watts, Morgan Wade, Pat Casey, Kieran Reilly, Tom vd Bogaard and Alex Coleborn

Daniel Wedemeijer (C) Jake Leiva, Paul Thoelen, Tom Justice, Declan Brooks, Marin Rantes, Ben Wallace and Anthony Jeanjean

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