Exclusive Q&A With Tommy Zula From DK & Airborne Bicycles!

The content managers over at www.TIME2SHINEBMX.com had some time to chop it up with the first-ever Red Bull Pump Champion, Tommy Zula over at DK Bicycles & Airborne Bicycles to get the low down on the all-new Professional-X Line-up from DK, along with the all-new disc ready Zenith line-up from DK! We also managed to get some information on everything Airborne Bicycles has been putting out on the MTB Side of Things!


T2S: Bro, how awesome is it to be the first-ever Red Bull Pump Track Champion?

TZ: Broo it feels incredible, The support and the growth of pump track in the past 2 years has been unreal. Dream come true and I feel I was made for pump track racing.


T2S: So, DK is about to launch their new lineups of complete race bikes, the Professional-X, and the Zenith. They both look sick! Can you tell us what is new on the Professional-X this year, and what is going on with the Zenith?



The professional X is the 10th year the professional frame has been to life so we wanted to bring something special to the table and with an all-new frame design, new look, new colors basically a whole new frame from ground up we wanted the top pro to be able to pull this out of the box line up on the gate and be competitive and I feel like we have accomplished just that.


The Zenith has been a big project that we have been working on for a while now but just released at the USA BMX grand nationals. This bike was designed for one reason and that was to go fast and win bike races for our Bmx riders pushing for that 2020 Olympic team. I couldn’t be more pleased with how well this bike has turned out. New drop out designs, disc brake, internal cable routing, and our disc brake design is one of the best I have seen yet. It is tucked in-between the frame and rear wheel for extra safety and aerodynamic purposes.  Also, don’t sleep on the high-end aftermarket DUO Components that will be coming on this bike. New Wheels, hollow-forged cranks this bike is a beast out of the box and if you saw me at grand nationals I was racing the complete bike exactly how it will be available and I’m so stoked on that.


T2S: Also, it looks like if you do not want to purchase the complete bike, you can still upgrade with just the professional-x frame or the zenith frame, right? How much are the frames going to retail for?


Correct, the X and Zenith frame will both be available in the frame only as well.

Professional-X – $499.99

Zenith – $699.99


T2S: Airborne looks like it has some awesomeness happening too with some new models in this year lineup! Can you tell us a little about what we can expect with the Goblin and the Toxin?


Super stoked you brought up Airborne. We have just released four new models that should cover everything the Mtb rider is looking for.

Carbon XC bike called the night goblin hardtail 29”

Hobgoblin XC 120 fork/110 rear 29”

Plague 170/160 full enduro machine 27.5 “

Toxin 150/140 29”

And if you’re like me shredding the skatepark, dirt jumps and pump tracks we have 2 Dirt jumper options the Cro-Hawk and Skyhawk.

T2S: What’s next for TZ? In BMX and MTB? Olympics? Sea Otter Classic?


Next for me would be a full season on the big bikes doing the Crankworx series, red bull pump track races, sea otter and a couple of fun events here and there. Shooting some sick new edits and just having as much fun as possible on my bike. The Mtb community has been very refreshing and exciting to me and I couldn’t be more stoked on all my sponsors supporting me on this new journey.  I’m still doing sales at DK part-time and very active in the Bmx world. So If you see me at the Bmx track or dirt jumps stop and say hi and give me a high -five.


T2S: Make Sweet Love, Marry One, Kill One. Have to pick.

Nicki Minaj


Kim Kardashian



Make Sweet Love: Kim Kardashian

Marry: Shakira

Kill: Nicki Minaj

Thanks, TZ, It is always a pleasure! Good Luck this season and from everyone at www.TIME2SHINEBMX.com, we wish you nothing but the best!

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