Cane Creek Dips into Limited Edition Cranks with Tie-Dye eeWings Titanium Crankset

Looking for a crankset that’s even more exclusive than Cane Creek’s eeWings? Want something more colorful as well? Then you’ve come to the right place – check out the all-new eeWings Tie-Dye Ano mountain bike cranks.

Staring with their ridiculously nice (and expensive) eeWings titanium crankset, Cane Creek has just one-upped themselves with a limited edition version in stunning tie-dye ano. Hand-finished with a unique anodizing for every crank, no two will be alike.

Offered in 170mm and 175mm crank arm lengths, the 30mm spindle is compatible with BSA73mm, PF92/PF89.5 and 392EVO bottom brackets, plus PF30 and BB30 bottom brackets when used with bottom brackets with outboard bearings.

These cranks boast the same 400g weight but offer 20-30% more stiffness than a comparable carbon crank. We’re guessing the anodizing won’t be quite as durable as the raw titanium arms, so just know that the 10-year warranty does not cover any changes to the color or color wear. However, there is a clear adhesive protector included in the box, so if you tend to rub your cranks excessively, you’ll probably want to slap that on there.

The price? Well, the eeWings were already among the most expensive cranks out there and these are even more pricey. The Tie-Dye option will set you back an additional Benjamin with a retail price of $1,100 (without a bottom bracket or chainring).



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