100% Race Craft Plus Goggles – Bilal w/ Mirror Lens


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Always re-defining the standard, 100% has set out to make their most popular goggle even better with the introduction of the Racecraft Plus. With the addition of an curved, injected polycarbonate lens that increases visual clarity and offers strength against the demands of today's racing conditions. No longer will you have to worry about roost and rocks breaking your lenses thanks to the exceptional durability of the new injected curved lens. The outriggers of the 100% Racecraft Plus Goggle have been engineered to achieve the perfect balance, giving the goggle the right amount of tension while fitting on the face comfortably.  With the clarity from the lens and the 4-layer foam moisture manegement system that 100% equipped these Racecraft Plus Goggles with, your vision free from moisture as it soaks up sweat before it makes it's way to your eyes. 


You will never have to worry about your lens popping out thanks to the 9-pin lens retention system, which gives the highest retention point in any goggle to ensure a secure fit.  Speaking of staying in place, these 100% Racecraft Plus goggles will never slip thanks to the wide 45mm silicone coated strap that virtually eliminates any slippage. For max cooling, the Racecraft Plus has been fitted with air intake channels in the foam and also aids in moisture management.  With a removable noseguard and a sublimated microfiber bag as extras, the 100% Racecraft Plus goggles will keep your vision free while you take the win!

Racecraft Plus Goggle Features:

  • Outriggers: Help to achieve perfect it and balance.
  • Removable nose guard: Attachment of the nose guard ensures stability and protection in
  • the most testing conditions.
  • Foam: Thirst FOUR layer moisture managing foam.
  • Lens: Pre-curved, INJECTED polycarbonate shield lens. Share the same lens shape
  • across the product line.
  • Lens Attachment: 9 pin lens retention system. The highest number of retention point in
  • the industry ensures a secure fit.
  • Strap: 45mm wide, Silicon coated strap eliminates slippage.
  • Air intakes: Patent pending technology channels air into the foam, aiding in moisture
  • management.
  • In the box - Sublimated micro fiber bag.


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