Afton Vectal MTB Shoe – Quatro


Afton Vectal MTB Shoe – Quatro



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  • Improved and accurate fit.
  • Afton’s second generation Intact® rubber is more resilient and less susceptible to tears while keeping our Shore A of 60.
  • Oversized clip box and 35mm of clip travel allow all kinds of clip configurations without restriction when clipping in and out.

  • Thickness ranging from 4mm to 12mm, the shank is specifically designed to transfer power into the pedal yet allow you to walk as normal as possible.

  • Reinforced toe box with additional protective PU taping together protect your toes and shoes from rock deflections and impacts.

  • Anti-microbial molded foam insole to control odor and for proper heel and arch support does not break down use after use.

  • World Of MTB – Best Of 2019

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