Carbone Cartel Carbon Rim – Stealth Black


Carbone Cartel Carbon Rim – Stealth Black



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“The Bone” Carbone Cartel Carbon BMX Rim is made using the highest-strength carbon fiber available.

Our new design structure of the rim adopts a triangular design concept.

This design has very good strength and can effectively disperse the rider’s gravity during the racing process.

This design reduces wind resistance the most during riding and effectively uses aerodynamics to increase power.

The special spoke hole design can not only strengthen the tension of the spokes, but we can use the 4D drilling technology to optimize the angle of the spoke holes to a greater extent.

When the wheel is built, the spokes are pulled more smoothly, making the spoke tension more even.

The tire bed all uses a 4K fiber weave, and we use Toray T700 high mold carbon fiber, which has the characteristics of high strength and high toughness. This makes the overall strength of the rim better.


Front Rims are front specific and DO NOT have a braking surface.

Rear Rims are rear specific and DO have a braking surface.


20 x 1-1/8" – 28H, 20 x 1-3/8" – 28H, 20 x 1.50" – 28H, 20 x 1.75" – 36H, 24 x 1.50" – 28H, 24 x 1.74" – 36H, OS20 – 36H


No Brake Surface, With Brake Surface