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We are proud to present the new Crupi "Catalina" Race Frame that features the same great tubing and geometry as our 2017 model.  For 2018, we are naming the frame as opposed to giving it a year designation as this will prevent our frames from becoming dated each year.  But please know this is our most current and up-to-date frame for 2018.

This Pro XXL frame is super light with all the right geometry and specs to let riders of all skill levels perform to their best ability.  Designed for stronger and more aggresive riders 5'9" +.  Crupi historically has always gone its own way with design and innovation but this year we have decided that our frame sizes should be more comparable with some of our competitors on the market. So we adjusted our top tube measurements on most of our frames so they would make more sense to those of you comparing other frames brands to ours.  The Pro XXL model was shortened by nearly 3/4".

This all American made frame is constructed of high grade 6061-T6 Aluminum and features a butted top and down tube. These butted tubes maintain our frames strength and stiffness at the headset and bottom bracket while cutting down on weight.  Undeniable race proven reliability!

New colors and graphic design complete our line of Catalina frames.  Chrome for aluminum frames has been around for a while now but the powder coat process is now better than ever so we decided to jump on this fantastic color.  Yes, it is a powder coat paint and not a normal chrome dip!

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