Rennen Hive Mini BMX Crank Arms


Rennen Hive Mini BMX Crank Arms



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UltraLite Spider not included please check out it here
The Rennen Hive Mini Crank is the lightest square taper crank available. We have spent the last few months testing, optimizing and refining the design to create the most advanced mini crank on the market. Weight reduction is achieved through a honeycomb pocketing arrangement on the backside of each crank arm.
Material – As with all Rennen products we only use 7075-T6 Aluminum across all size ranges.
Size Range – 29 sizes of cranks, largest in the market from 90mm through 160mm in 2.5mm increments.
Lightest– We beat all the other brands in this department. When trying to break those lightweight build barriers every gram counts and we have done the work for you to set new records. Check out the following size/weights.

Crank Size / Arm Weight / Ultralite Spider plus hardware
90mm /          170g   /   206g
92.5mm /          173g   /   209g
95mm /           176g   /   212g
97.5mm /           178g   /   214g
100mm /           180g   /   216g
102.5mm  /           181g   /   217g
105mm     /           183g   /   219g
107.5mm  /           186g   /   222g
110mm     /           189g   /   225g
112.5mm  /           192g   /   228g
115mm     /           197g   /   233g
117.5mm  /           200g   /   236g
120mm     /          203g   /   239g
122.5mm  /          206g   /   241g
125mm     /          208g   /   244g
130mm     /          214g   /   250g
132.5mm  /          214g   /   250g
135mm     /          214g   /   250g
137.5mm  /          214g   /   250g
140mm     /          228g   /   264g
142.5mm  /          231g   /   267g
145mm     /          235g   /   271g
147.5mm  /          235g   /   271g
150mm     /          235g   /   271g
152.5mm  /          235g   /   271g
155mm     /          235g   /   271g
157.5mm  /          235g   /   271g
160mm     /          249g   /   285g

Tightest – The Hive Mini Crank design has an extremely small Q factor couple that with our Ultralite Bottom Bracket here and you can make sure your little racer has the best set up to help them win.

Q factor
95mm Spindle, Q~119mm
100mm Spindle, Q~124mm
105mm Spindle, Q~129mm
110mm Spindle, Q~134mm
115mm Spindle, Q~139mm

*Results of Q factor may vary depending on spindle brand used
Available Colors – Black, Red, Blue, Gold (colors other than black will require 1-2 weeks to process, call to ask about availability)
100 lb Weight Limit – Due to the extreme weight reduction design we recommend that this product not be used for a child weighing greater than 100 lb.

90mm, 92.5mm, 95mm, 97.5mm, 100mm, 102.5mm, 105mm, 107.5mm, 110mm, 112.5, 115mm, 117.5mm, 120mm, 122.5mm, 125mm, 127.5mm, 130mm, 132.5mm, 135mm, 137.5mm, 140mm, 142.5mm, 145mm, 147.5mm, 150mm, 152.5mm, 155mm, 157.5mm, 160mm