Shimano M6100/BL-M6120 DEORE Hydraulic Brake Kit


Shimano M6100/BL-M6120 DEORE Hydraulic Brake Kit




Shimano Deore M6100 brake set consisting of the BL-M6100 SERVOWAVE brake lever and the powerful BR-M6120 4-piston caliper for Enduro and Downhill use. The result of the combination is a solid brake performance in any condition. Trouble-free maintenance is provided by the proven One Way Bleeding concept and the Easy Hose Joint System which simplifies brake hose exchanges.

J-Kit (Easy Hose Joint System)

At brake systems with J-Kit hose joint the brake lever features an integrated olive what makes an easy brake hose installation and removal possible.

Shimano Deore BL-M6100 brake lever

The hydraulic Deore BL-M6100 brake lever is characterized by Shimano’s SERVOWAVE technology which improves the lever’s modulation ability. Because the brake lever absorbs a lot of braking distance right at the start of its movement, the brake pads have disc contact more quickly and it remains more lever travel to adjust braking force. That is why SERVO WAVE brake systems are characterized by faster response, higher performance and shorter idle travel.

The 2-finger brake lever’s construction is inspired by XTR, Deore XT and SLX series, so the clamp is not mounted parallel, but with an angle to the handlebar creating a second contact point which provides significantly increased stiffness. For individual customizability, the lever is equipped with an integrated, tool-based reach adjustment option. Thanks to the I-Spec EV design the Deore SL-M6100-I shifting levers can be mounted directly to the brake lever.

Shimano Deore BR-M6120 disc brake caliper

With its 4-piston construction, the Shimano Deore BR-M6120 Postmount brake caliper is perfect for Enduro and Downhill use. The D03S Resin brake pads in combination with the powerful caliper guarantee extremely good deceleration.

hydraulic disc brake set:

BL-M6100 brake lever
BR-M6120 caliper incl. brake pads
SM-BH90-SS brake hose


lever: aluminium (anodized)
master cylinder, caliper: aluminium (painted)
pistons: ceramic
hardware: stainless steel, steel


Brake pads: D02S Metal, D03S Resin
Discs: SM-RT54, SM-RT56, SM-RT64, SM-RT66 / 140-203 mm (not included)




Brake Kit