Supercross Carbon BMX Junior / Expert Bars


Supercross Carbon BMX Junior / Expert Bars



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The Supercross BMX Carbon Expert/Junior bars are a scaled-down version of our Pro bars. These are made for the ultimate little racer who requires the best tools for the job!

Featuring Monocoque T-700S High Compaction Construction, they’re just as strong as our award-winning ENVY BLK race frame and BLK Forks. It receives the same time-consuming hand layup, wrapping, and molding, ensuring every set meets strict safety and quality standards.

The 6″ Expert bar has a Crossbar, while the 4.5″ Junior Bar does not.

Supercross Junior Carbon – 4.5″ Rise
Width – 23.5″
Rise – 4.5″
Back Sweep – 6º
Up Sweep- 2º
Clamp Width – 50 mm
Bar Weight – 6.4 ounces ( 180 Grams )

Supercross Expert Carbon – 6″ Rise
Width – 26″
Rise – 6″
Back Sweep – 6º
Up Sweep- 2º
Clamp Width – 50 mm
Bar Weight – 10 ounces ( 280 Grams )

Rider Weight limit of 100lbs.

Please have a professional bike shop install these bars to ensure they use proper carbon paste and don’t over-tighten. (recommended torque is 10Nm)

Ensure that your stem is ROUND on the inner diameter and not ALMOND-shaped. Do not use Split type stems, and make sure you get even torque across all bolts.

It is your responsibility to check the bar for fractures, splits, or cracks after every crash. This same rule applies for all components on your child’s bike to ensure their safety on the track.


Matte Black, Gloss Black


4.5", 6"






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28", 30"

Back Sweep

Up Sweep

Clamp Area



12 ounces ( 350g), 14 ounces ( 390g), 16 ounces ( 450g)

Clamp Width