Tokyo 2020 Olympics officially postponed until 2021

From   Never before had the Olympic Games been postponed or canceled for something other than war, but rarely has the world come to a grinding halt the way it has over the novel coronavirus. What felt like the last major sporting event untouched by the current strain of the coronavirus — known formally […]

Bike Shops Considered Essential During COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Looks like the city of Philadelphia has deemed Bicycle Shops necessary during our country’s time of crisis, and we can only hope that Maryland and West Virginia follow suite in the upcoming days! This way, Time 2 Shine can remain open during this volatile time facing our country! From BICYCLECOALITION.ORG As bikes are being used […]

Sunday Bikes Presents…On A Tear with Brett Silva

The title says it all. Brett Silva coming at you at high speed, tackling big drops and everything in between. Best tbogs in the game. No shirt is safe. Enjoy! Video by Walter Pieringer.