• Are you a solo rider that is not interested in joining a team or being a part of a group when racing and just want to be a lone wolf? Then Time 2 Shine can and will provide a co-sponsorship to you as an individual if you meet our core values and expectations as a rider in the BMX Community. We want all of our individual riders to be responsible and show respect to everyone they encounter both on and off the track.


  • Do you have a team that is looking to partner with a bike shop for exclusive deals available only to your team members? Time 2 Shine is the place for you, and if your team qualifies, you will receive incredible benefits from Time 2 Shine such as your own coupon code for your team riders, team shirts, and possibly team tents, banners, and flags if your team is large enough. Contact us today to see if your team qualifies!


  • Does your track lack a shop that is on-site or lack a local mobile vendor? Time 2 Shine can help your track with the necessary equipment that is needed for most bicycle emergencies and can even offer members of your track an exclusive coupon code so you can still get the support from a major BMX shop at your track. Contact us today to see if your track can qualify for sponsorship with Time 2 Shine.

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