Avian Carbon Integrated Headset – 1-1/8″


Avian Carbon Integrated Headset – 1-1/8″



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We make three types of headsets: Integrated Step-down, Standard Integrated, and Tapered Integrated.

The Step-down Integrated is generally for mini-expert sized bikes with a 1-1/8″ head tube that uses a fork with a 1″ steerer tube.

The Standard Integrated is generally for pro sized frames that have a 1-1/8″ head tube.

The Tapered Integrated is for a lot of the newer, higher-end pro sized frames that utilize a head-tube design that has a 1-1/8″ top bearing and a 1.5″ lower bearing.


Step-Down :

  • 8mm carbon fiber top cover
  • two 1-1/8″ sealed bearings.
  • 1″ bearing race & hardware
  • 1″ star-nut
  • Avian laser logo top cap & screw



  • 8mm & 18mm carbon fiber top cover options available
  • two 1-1/8″ sealed bearings
  • 1-1/8″ bearing race & hardware
  • 72mm expander plug
  • Avian laser logo top cap & screw



  • 8mm & 18mm carbon fiber top cover options available
  • one 1-1/8″ sealed bearing
  • one 1.5″ sealed bearing
  • 72mm expander plug
  • one 1-1/8″ lower bearing race
  • one 1.5″ lower bearing race
  • Avian laser logo top cap & screw


The Standard & Tapered headsets are available in two top cover options, 8mm and 18mm. Some riders like a low front-end and others like higher front ends, this option helps you adjust without the use of tacky looking spacers. The Step-down just comes with the 8mm as it’s intended for smaller riders who need their front ends as low as possible. All of our headsets come with split bearing races for easy slip on installation.


Expander Plug Disclaimer: The Expander Plug included with our 1-1/8″ Standard & Tapered headsets is intended for use with 1-1/8″ fork steerer tubes with a 23.2 Inner Diameter. That means if your fork has a steerer tube thicker than 2.7mm, our expander plug won’t fit inside it. Fork manufacturers that use thicker steerer tubes than 2.7mm should require a stem lock design, or some other type of internal locking included with their fork.

Top Cover Size

8mm, 18mm