Crupi Factory Integrated Headset – White


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Most high end race frames are moving to Integrated head tubes which require Integrated headsets. However, many frames still use 1-1/8" size head tubes on all frame sizes which means you need to use a step-down headset in order to run smaller 1" forks.  

Beginning with our Crupi 2016 model frames, we use true 1" integrated head tubes which require true 1" Integrated headsets.  All Crupi frame models prior to 2016 require a standard 1" headset.  Make sure you know what type of headset your frame will require.

  • Campy spec bearings (1-1/8" = 45°/45°) - (1" = 36°/45°)
  • 1" Integrated headset weighs 2.85oz
  • 1-1/8" Integrated headset weighs 2.99oz
  • Each headset comes complete with a full set of headset spacers too!

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